Cheers to Not Having a Brain Tumor

June 29, 2023

Cheers to Not Having a Brain Tumor

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So I’ve had a lot of weird stuff going on in my head the past few months. I’ve had this stabbing pain in one specific spot. It started as intermittent but a couple of weeks ago is was all but constant, and that combined with a bunch of other strange stuff resulted in a trip to the doctor which ended with me getting a referral for a CT scan.

Of course between then and now I’ve spent too much time with Dr. Google and have come up with all sorts of scary diagnoses, including a brain tumor. The rational part of me knew that the odds of that were fairly low, but you know, the mind wanders.

Anyway, my CT was scheduled for first thing this morning. Not much necessary to prep other than a three-hour fast (for an 8AM appointment – not exactly a challenge). But I did have to remove any jewelry. Which for me meant my several ear piercings. Now keep in mind that I have never taken any of these out since they were originally put in. I like them as they are and since my skin can only tolerate implant-grade titanium, I don’t have a lot of other choices when it comes to ear adornments. I was able to get all six of them out without much effort, but now I am faced with the challenge of getting them back in. I’ve gotten four of them back in but I think my helix and my daith will require a trip to my piercer.

This is the CT machine that examined my brain today. The whole thing was ridiculously quick and easy, and I didn’t even need to have the IV of contrast material, which I was dreading. The staff at St Joseph’s Imaging was lovely and I was in and out in a jiffy.

BUT. I was completely bummed that I didn’t get to see the image of my brain! I think that should be part of the appointment. Fill out your paperwork, have your scan, peek at your brain on the computer.

The technician told me that my doctor should have the results this afternoon, so of course I immediately started stalking my patient portal. Let’s just say that patience is a virtue I do not possess.

Eventually I got the call that my scan was normal. Which, you know, yay for not having a brain tumor. But also boo for still not having any answers about what the hell is going on with my head. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board to figure out what all this is. I’ll keep y’all posted if I get any answers!

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