Love Letters: July 30, 1942

June 28, 2023

Love Letters: July 30, 1942


310th squadron
Flight B.

My dearest Virginia,

Here is the end of another day, and a beautiful southern moon rising over the Gulf. I sure wish you were here, we would take advantage of that moon.

Hope you’ve been a good girl. I certainly have been a good boy, haven’t even looked at these women down here. Although there are a lot of them.

What would you say if I went to an aerial gunners school, instead of mechanical? That would mean a machine gunner on a big bomber. A little more dangerous, but a lot more exciting. Gunners School might bring me up north. I might get to see you soon.

Another fellow and I were just talking of taking a plane up home and seeing our girlfriends, but I suppose that would be an impossibility, as it is hard to get a leave.

If I knew how long I was going to be here, I would have you come down, but I may move any day to some other school. However, when I am definitely situated, I will send for you, or if I can possibly make it, I will come to see you. I am terribly lonesome for you, darling, but it doesn’t do any good, so I guess the only thing to do is wait. Don’t forget to write me often. Bye honey,


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