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310th Squadron
Flight B. Aug. 1, 1942

My Dearest Virginia,

I just received your letter about ten minutes ago, and was certainly glad to hear from you. Your letter was transfered from Ft. Niagara to where I am now.

Darling I feel the same way toward you, as you say you do about me. I miss you an awful lot, more than I could ever tell you. I love you darling, “for keeps.”

I hope you have received the other letters I sent previous to this one. If the suspense of waiting to hear from me, is as great as waiting to hear from you, I know how you must feel.

Well darling, I have passed all of my tests with flying colors, and have 3 more weeks of preliminary training. After that, I will be sent to another technical school. It may be a few weeks after my training, until they have an opening in my particular school. I still don’t see how I ever passed my Math. test, it sure was tough. I’ve been out of school so long, that I had forgotten most of it.

I was going to take gunners school immediately, but the result of my exams showed that I was qualified for any of the technical schools. They consist of Aircraft Armorer, Airplane mechanics, photography, aircraft welder, sheet metal worker, aerial gunnery, and aircraft machinist. I have decided that it would be better to learn a trade first, and then take aerial gunner latter. My choice was aircraft machinist. I was going to take airplane mechanics, but the machinist trade is much better. Besides, if I took mechanic, I would probably be stationed here, and its so darned hot down here, that I don’t think it would be very pleasant. However, if I take the machinist trade, I will no doubt be sent to Chanute Field Ill. near Chicago, Ill. I would not be so far from you then, and I could probably get a short leave and take a plane to Syracuse in about 7 hours. We could at least see each other now and then. After I graduate from machinist school, it will be cold weather, so it wouldn’t be so bad to go to Panama City, Fla, for gunners school, unless I get stationed near home so I could be with you and my parents.

You can tell Margie that she may write to me if she wants to, I would be very pleased to hear from her.

Well darling, I will close now, it is 5:20 P.M. and time for supper. Don’t forget that I love you will all my heart, and hope to see you before so very long. Be sure to write often.

With all my love,

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