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I’m starting a new Rants and Raves feature here on the blog, and for my first rave I’d like to put the spotlight on one of my favorite places in the whole world – Aqua Spa Float Center in Oswego, NY.

Now, let’s start with some honesty – I really was not at all interested in the idea of float therapy when my friend Tammy told me that she was starting up this business a few years back. The whole idea seemed a little…wacky??…to me at the time. Intentionally putting yourself in a sensory deprivation tank sounded like a recipe for my claustrophobia to run rampant. But I was still a professional photographer at the time, and Tammy asked me to do some headshots and publicity pictures for the new business. And I ended up getting one of my favorite photos of all time. The way we brought traffic to a halt for that shot was so much fun! And since I now had a connection to Aqua Spa, I kind of kept my eye on it as it grew.

It took a good while, but eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I checked out Aqua Spa’s services. I saw that they had massage chairs and that was all I needed to get myself and my husband there. And when I say massage chairs, I mean zero-gravity luxury that lulls you to sleep. We were completely in love with the experience and vowed to go back as often as possible.

Eventually I was brave enough to try a float. I have a history of claustrophobia so I started with one of their large float suites. It was roomy and spacious with a high ceiling so I was completely comfortable right from the start. I was so relaxed at the end of the hour it was incredible. And just like tattoos, you can’t have just one float. I wasn’t able to afford to go as often as I would have liked, but whenever I was in the mood for a splurge I would head to a float suite.

Last month, I finally tried a float in the Orb. I wasn’t sure about it because it’s not as spacious and open as the suites, but if possible it was even more relaxing. I fell asleep in record time (yes, it is common to fall into a semi-sleep while floating). This will definitely be my go-to for future floats.

Yesterday I was feeling like crap, had a headache for several days straight, and decided it was time for some self care. I floated in the Orb and then relaxed in the massage chair and when I was done my head finally gave me a break from the pain. I tell ya, I wish I could afford to do that every single day.

Aqua Spa offers a lot of other services beyond the float tanks and massage chairs. I’ve tried their infrared sauna a few times, and they also offer salt therapy, red light therapy, cryotherapy, and a bunch of other stuff. And they have special treats from time to time, like the most luxurious and decadent Mother’s Day facial I had last year. I still think about that facial every now and again. I need another one.

And everything is done in a beautifully-appointed sanctuary. You know you’re somewhere special as soon as you walk in. I mean, look at this chandelier! It’s so pretty. And there’s a primp room for drying your hair after a float, and the indoor and outdoor whisper rooms where you can chill out and have some tea and just relax before you head home.

And can we just talk about the phenomenal staff at Aqua Spa? I love all of them, they are so friendly and kind and always there to make suggestions or to advise you on the best ways to get the most out of your time spent there. I have never had a bad experience there, not even a slightly disappointing one. On every visit I feel pampered and cared for by everyone on the staff.

And when you go, don’t forget to snap a pic in front of the water wall! I love my wings!

If you live within driving distance of Oswego, NY I highly recommend checking out some of the services offered at this beautiful sanctuary.

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