July 24, 1942

June 21, 2023

July 24, 1942


CO.B. 1213-R.C.
Fort Niagara,
Niagara Falls, N.Y.

My Dear Virginia,

Well, here I am in the army and missing you every minute. It certainly is a swell place and I am perfectly satisfied except I miss you terribly. Maybe the army will make a good and respectable man of me. It certainly hasn’t done me any harm so far. They keep us busy from one minute to the next and at bed-time we are ready to turn in.

I don’t think you had better write to me while I am here, as I may shove off anytime.

If I get time, I hope to go to the show tonight. There is a good one on, “Flight Lieutenant.”

When I get situated I may send for you and have you come to see me for a while. That is, if you folks will let you.

Well, I have to go again, so I will say so-long.

Love Harry

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