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A few stories that caught my eye this week.

A truck hits the Onondaga Lake Parkway bridge. Again. Seriously folks, there are like a hundred signs lining that stretch of road. If our nation’s truck drivers are that illiterate, are we really ok with trusting them to transport goods? What we need is a metal sign strung across the road at the same height as the bridge, which reads, “If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge.”


JKR doubles down on being a terrible human being with the release of this new game. Not content to just be a TERF, she leans even further into anti-Semitism with the goblins characters which were already problematic in the original books. Please get your head out of you ass, Jo.

A tech teacher at our local junior high school – a building in which I worked just a year ago – was arrested for stealing school property. And not just some pens and shit. He stole about $13k worth of tech equipment. He had some of his students help him load the stolen goods into his car during the school day. And then when police searched his house, he had this huge cache of illegal and fully-loaded assault rifles and other weapons. I have no words.


The Grammys continued to be a thing I actively avoid.


Yesterday was National Pizza Day. So…we ate pizza.


That’s all for this week!

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