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If you read last week’s edition of News of the Week, you saw that the giant rubber ducks are back in the harbor in Hong Kong. But I have terrible news! One of the ducks got overinflated due to the extremely hot weather and they had to deflate him! Now the other duck is super lonely and misses his pal. 😢

Photo: AP Photo/Louise Delmotte

OK, technically this was a story from last week and not this week but I don’t care because this is some wild and scary shit. A tow truck was on the side of a Georgia highway when a woman drove at full speed up the ramp and flew off the end like a stuntperson on a movie set. And it was all captured by the body cam of a sheriff’s deputy who was on the scene responding to another crash. You absolutely MUST see this video!

Photo: AP via YouTube / Screenshot by NPR

The NOPE! of the week award goes to an Australian man who was just trying to do his business on the toilet when he looked up and saw this big-ass python hanging out in his shower. Sorry, if that were my house I would have burned it down and not waited for the snake catcher.

Photo: Hudson Snake Catching-Gold Coast Snake Catcher

Proving once again that some people just need to lighten up and grow a sense of humor, a bus route in Poland has had to be renumbered because too many wet blankets complained about bus route 666 going to Hel (a Polish seaside resort).

Photo: Reuters/Michal Dobrasa/PKS Gdynia/Handout

And last but most certainly not least, The Orange One has been indicted yet again, this time on federal charges. My life, and the lives of pretty much every human, would be made much happier, and the world would be a better place overall, if this dirtbag ends up wearing an orange jumpsuit to match that ugly mug.

Photo: Mary Altaffer/AP

Stay tuned for more news next Friday!

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