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One of the things you should know about me is that I tend to get a little bit obsessive about whatever interests me at the time. I’ll be all in for one activity or another, I’ll do only that one thing for a while, and then I’ll pretty much never do it again. Especially when it comes to time-waster games on my phone.

Candy Crush? I got bored when it got more challenging. Tiny Tower? Started taking way too long to add floors so I bailed. Royal Match? Kinda fun but I lost interest. Mahjong tile games? These tend to be my fallback games when I’m tired of everything else. I’ve probably tried a half dozen or more different versions of the game. But they never hold my interest for long.

So what’s my newest game obsession? Zen Color (Android/Apple). I’ve tried a few different color by numbers apps but I think this one is the best. I like the images a lot, the little animations are nice, and it’s just, well…zen. It’s a very relaxing and calming way to pass the time. I even opted for the paid version to get rid of the ads, and I almost never pay for games.

Oh, I should point out that I just started playing 24 hours ago, and this is the gallery of pictures I’ve already completed. In one day. Remember when I said I was a little obsessive about things? 😂

Let me know in comments if you have any mobile games that you’re currently playing. I’m always on the lookout for my next obsession…

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