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Our area is currently on day 2 of being blanketed by the smoke from the Canadian wildfires. Yesterday it was an interesting anomaly – “Hey, look how red the sun is! Isn’t the yellow haze the weirdest thing? It looks spooky!”

But today? It’s just bad. Not only is the smell of smoke overpowering, but you can practically taste it in the air. Definitely not healthy for anyone.

The forecast says we’ve got some rain coming. I’m not usually one to pray for precipitation of any kind, but if it helps to push all this smoke down out of the air, I’m all for it. Below are some highlights of my yellowish day…

The creepy sky looking out our front door this morning.

It’s a good thing I kept our stash of masks after the pandemic. I didn’t think we were going to have to wear them again so soon!

The sun this morning as I was walking into work. The red was much more pronounced at the time, but there’s only so much a cell phone camera can do.

Our air quality topped out at over 200 this afternoon. You could pretty much chew the particles in the air at that time they were so thick.

A brief snippet of my drive across the Broadway bridge this morning to give you a feel for the smogginess in town.

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