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Dear Virginia,

I received your letter today, say! you can certainly write a book if you want to can’t you? How is Shirley? I suppose you two are having a swell time together. You know, I wish you wouldn’t expect so many letters from me, you know how I hate to write.

You say Dan is in the Hospital? What’s the matter with him? Hope its nothing serious. I hope he gets home on his leave, it would certainly be good to see him again.

Boy, did it snow here yesterday, flakes came down as large as popcorn balls, or something. I wish it would make up its mind and either be winter or summer, I’m getting awfully sick of this chang(e)able weather. By the way, yesterday was Tues. I am working nights this week, so I lose all tract of time. I go to work on one day and come home the next.

Well I must write a letter to Dan today, and one to Bud Wright, Carols brother, he is down in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the Naval Air Corps. So I will say goodday and I hope to see you next week.

Bye now,

Love, Harry

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