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305th Squadron, Flight C.
Aug. 8, 42

Hello darling,

Well, here I am, still in Keesler Field, but a new address. They moved us 3 times since yesterday. Boy, am I getting burned up. They are sending us all to Airplane Mechanics School, that is, all who qualified for school. I wanted to take Machinist, but I guess that school is not open at the present time.

I passed my physical exam for gunner, yesterday. I suppose I will just nicely get started in A.M. school, and they will take me out of there to go to gunners school. I don’t know as I give a damn anyway. I’m getting disgusted. The sun is so hot, it drives you nuts.

Well darling, what have you been doing? Hope you are behaving yourself, I certainly am. Theres nothing else for me to do. I wish you were here with me. Things would be a lot easier. After this war is over darling, and if I come back, you can bet that I will never leave you. Well, after I start school Mon., I will write and tell you more about it. Now I am going over to my old mail room, and see if I have a letter from you. I hope so. Well darling, be shore to write. Be seeing you,

All My Love,

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