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310th Squadron,
Flight B.
Aug 6/42

My dearest Virginia,

How are you, darling? I just received your letter, where you said you had been paid a visit by Beck.

I am sorry I have not written before, but the don’t give us time around here.

Oh, I wish you were here, darling, I miss you so much. I’ll always love you, so don’t forget that, will you? I took park of a rigid physical exam today, I have to finish it tomorrow. The hardest part is over, thank goodness, eyes, hearing, and color blindness. I have passed okay, so far. If I pass the rest tomorrow, the next time you see me, I’ll be wearing a pair of silver wings, I hope. I never absorbed so much in such a short time, in all of my life. They certainly put a man “through the mill.”

By the way, I haven’t seen Dan since I have been here. He must have been shipped out to somewhere else, If you hear from him, please send me his address.

I haven’t even been off the post yet. I don’t get time. You cannot take any pictures on the post, so you will have to wait until I get to town. Don’t worry about any other girls, I don’t want any, besides, I’m too busy. I received a card from Frances today, tell her if I can possibably find time, I will drop her a line.

I do not know where Leon is, I haven’t heard. Well, don’t forget to write, honey. Will be seeing you.


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