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For Her Consideration by Amy Spalding
Out now from Kensington Books

This is a sweet and thoughtful sapphic romance set against the backdrop of the Hollywood “biz.”

What I liked:
• Fat girl rep (yes, I use that word to destigmatize it)
• Well-developed characters
• An ex you can really pour your hatred into
• Colossal chemistry between Nina and Ari!
• A peek behind the scenes of Hollywood. Nina has a job I never would have known actually existed.
• First person narration
• Found family – one of my favorite things
• Lorna!

What I didn’t:
• Nina splits with her ex and then drops off the face of the earth for three years but her friends, who now say they missed her so much, didn’t bother to try and find her? For THREE YEARS?? They accepted rumors that she was dead?? Not buying it.
• I really wanted to see Ari’s point of view. I think it would have benefitted the story overall.
• Nina’s boss repeatedly tells her that Ari is a difficult client. But we never get to see that on the page. Ari seems perfectly lovely from what we’re shown.
• The third act was…not the best. It’s one of those break-ups that make absolutely no sense, something that could have easily been solved with a simple conversation.

Overall a good read that I would recommend despite its issues.

Thank you to NetGalley and to Kensington Books for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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