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Dear Virginia,

I received your letter to-day, and was certainly glad to hear from you. I sure miss you a lot. There isn’t much change around here, everything seems to be the same. I haven’t been out much, except last Saturday night I went to the Pontiac for the Presidents ball.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to tell you, Sun. night Becky, and Romney Ingalls wanted me to go to Mexico with them so I went. Romney took Shirley, Beck took Frances, there wasn’t anybody else in town, so I had to take Lois. Hope you don’t mind. She told me she got a letter from Dan. She seemed all a-flutter over it.

I wish I could get up to see you, but I guess there isn’t much chance of it until we get some warm weather and dry roads. However, if you tell me your telephone number, I’ll call you up some time. I certainly would like to talk with you again.

How are all your boyfriends? I suppose your quite a popular girl up there. I was hoping you would be coming down to Mexico for Easter Vacation. Stay with Frances or Shirley, but if you don’t, I suppose I will get to see you, I hope.

Well, I guess I will have to close now, I have to write to Dan before I go to bed, so I will say goodnight.


P.S. Please don’t forget to write.

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