Curvy Yoga Studio

January 30, 2023

Curvy Yoga Studio


A woman outside standing on a yoga mat, shown from behind. She is balancing on one leg and has her hands palms together behind her back.
This is obviously not me. I would have fallen on my ass before the shutter had a chance to click. Image: StockSnap,

I’ve always loved the idea of yoga. I wanted to try it, but as an oversized person I was always hesitant. I went to one class at the local YMCA several years ago, and while I did mostly enjoy it, it was a little above my ability level. I also felt very uncomfortable, as I was by far the largest person there. Everyone seemed welcoming and accepting, but my anxiety brain had already determined that everyone was judging me for my body size. I never went back.

Then last year a friend of mine was teaching a small class, and the others in the class were also friends of mine, so I finally felt completely comfortable in a yoga studio. And the classes were just the right speed for me – not too easy but not hard enough that I wanted to die afterwards. But then my friend quit teaching and I was again yoga-less. I looked around, thought about maybe trying the Y again, but their classes didn’t really fit my work schedule. There was another place in town that had yoga classes several times a week, but I knew some of the people who went to them and I could tell that it was more of a hardbody yoga class. So that left me with YouTube videos, but I couldn’t really find any that I liked. So, no more yoga.

The Curvy Yoga Studio logo next to a picture of a yoga class led my a plus-sized teacher.

Until I discovered Curvy Yoga Studio. From the minute I read their About Us page, I knew I had found the right place. “Body-affirming yoga for people of all shapes and sizes” is exactly what I had been looking for. There are dozens and dozens of videos for just about any situation – starting your morning, an afternoon pick-me-up, destressing after a long day, you name it. There are also videos for just certain body parts. For example, this morning I did the 15-minute “Quick Foot Release” to give a little love to the oft-neglected things that keep us moving every day.

When you sign up you’ll get weekly emails that are actually useful. Each one contains a suggested video for each day of the week. This is perfect for someone like me, who is often paralyzed by indecision when there are too many things to choose from. Someone else telling me which one to do each day? Thank you!

Membership pricing starts at $25/month, but goes down if you choose longer-term plans. And I snagged my 6-month subscription at 40% off for life on a sale they had a couple of weeks ago, so keep an eye out for offers like that. Want to try it out before you commit to a membership? They have a bunch of videos available which are free for everyone.

A screen shot of some of the free Curvy Yoga Studio videos

I am so happy to have found this little haven on the internet, and I am enjoying my daily practice. I hope you give it a try and see if this works as well for you as it does for me. Also, in case you were wondering, there is not a referral program (though I wish there were) so this is just me highly recommending something I love. I’m not getting paid for this. 😂😂😂

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