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My dearest Virginia,

How are you to-night? It is now about 11:30P.M. Mon. evening. I just came home from work and was thinking about you, so I decided to write a letter.

What do you think of the snow storm? Did you get home allright? I hope so. I certainly had a good time Sat. night, you looked awfully good to me. I hope you had a good time. I could have held you in my arms all night, but Leon’s girl had to get up in the morning, so there was nothing we could do about it, was there. I got home about 2:45, and didn’t get up until 12:15. I went to Hannibal and stayed until about 8:00, then came back to Fulton and went to bed, I didn’t even go to a show.

Do you still remember our little secret? Or were you just joking? I wasn’t. I wish the three years were three weeks, instead, How do you feel about it?

You know, darling, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I have always wanted a career in aviation, but when I realize what a swell girl you are, the girl I intend to marry, I do not know if it would be fair to you if I jeopardized my life in that line. It means taking a lot of risks, and a dead husband can’t take care of you. However, when I am called to go into the Army, I intend to enlist in some branch of aviation. That will satisfy my desire to become a good com(m)ercial pilot, to a certain extent. I am getting old enough that I should be considering the more serious fact of life, such as a wife and maybe a couple of kids. But darling, we have three long years to think those things over, and there is no reason why we cannot be happy together during that time. So I will close by saying, “I Love You”!

Goodnight, Harry

P.S. This is a very personal letter. Please keep it to yourself. Although I know you will.

Love, Harry

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