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Pvt. Harry D. Powers
310th Squadron
Flight B.

My dear Virginia,

Here I am at the end of another hard day. We had examinations most of the day, and are they tough. The math test was the most complicated I’ve seen yet. Boy, if I ever pass that it will be a wonder.

How are you darling? Miss me? I sure miss you. I wandered into the main theatre last night and the Vox Pop program was being broadcast. Maybe you heard it. One of our fellows was married on the program. Later, the(y) started for New Orleans for their honeymoon.

If I take up aerial gunner I will be shipped [CUT] other base. Probably [CUT] one of the most [CUT] in the Air Corps.

Boy is it hot here. About 125°. I’m getting so I don’t mind it so much though.

I don’t know where Dan is. I guess he has shipped out for somewhere else. If you hear from him let me know where he is, will you? Well, its about time for chow so I will have to close. Be good honey. Be sure and write. Remember I’ll always love you.


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