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It’s the first reading wrap-up of the new year!

I got off to a blazing start with 21 books this month, which is about double what I had been doing the past few months. And this was also a huge month for audiobooks! It’s so nice to have a book in my ear while I’m driving or while I’m doing boring tasks at work.

This month I also took a deep dive into the Osemanverse, starting with a reread of my beloved Heartstopper series. I’m hoping to wrap up with the last few books in February.

And let’s talk about reading challenges for a minute. Last year I tried to do the PopSugar challenge and crashed and burned somewhere around July. So what did I do this year? Not only did I sign up for PopSugar again, but I also added 7? maybe 8? additional challenges. OMG someone please stage an intervention! So I’ll be posting progress updates on most of those challenges later today and tomorrow.

If anyone out there is actually reading this, please tell me what book(s) you read this month!

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