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What has been keeping me so busy that I neglected my blogging duties? This crochet project! The past few weeks I’ve been working on this wrap for my mother for her birthday (which was yesterday). The pattern is Cassia and the yarn is Dewy DK in Oxblood, both from Expression Fiber Arts. Watching Chandi’s videos on her YouTube channel has taught me everything I know about crochet. I can’t always afford her beautiful hand-dyed yarns, but everyone once in a while I treat myself to some, and when I saw this yarn I absolutely had to have it for this project.

My next crafty challenge is to try to learn to knit. Again. I have failed in this two or three times in the past, but I have confidence that Chandi’s videos will be just the thing I need to finally be successful! And honestly, the major driving force behind learning is that I really want to make this Seinesation shawl…

Stay tuned to see if I can finally call myself a knitter!

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