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A Brighter, Darker Art by Halli Starling

Available now on Kindle Unlimited!

Once again I have to thank Pride Book Tours for introducing me to queer authors and stories I may not have otherwise found. A Brighter, Darker Art by Halli Starling is the sequel to last year’s Ask Me For Fire. And although this second book can technically be read as a standalone, I urge you to read Ambrose and Barrett’s beautiful love story first.

This book brings the spotlight to Raf, who we met in book one as Ambrose’s funny and fashionable best friend. Raf is the owner of several art galleries, and with his newest one opening soon, he needs a marketing manager. Enter Silvan, who just happens to be newly unemployed and ready for a challenge. Despite their initial (and continued) attraction to each other, they make a pact to be friends only, at least until the new gallery is open.

If you like slow burns, this book is for you. Raf and Silvan’s age gap romance is the slowest of slow burns, wringing every bit of pining and desire out of both characters. And those characters are so beautifully developed, showing all of the little nuances I want in my romantic leads. I love it when an author gives us mature characters who act like real adults and not overly-dramatic teenagers. The plot was low-angst but very engaging, and I was quite fond of the supporting cast, especially Bonnie and Camilla. I really would love to see their burgeoning love story explored in a future book.

Having read the two books in this series, I have definitely become a fan of Starling’s writing, and am planning to take a dive into her back catalog. Fans of the genre should be sure to have this author on their radar!

Thank you to Pride Book Tours for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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