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The Light Seer's Tarot card for Judgement.
Image: The Light Seer’s Tarot

“You have judged others and have been judged yourself, and you are awakening to the understanding that the only approval the really matters is your own. Are you doing your best with others, and with yourself? It’s time to shed any negative facades – drop the masks behind the masks. It may feel risky, yet this profound act of self-acceptance will unleash your absolute essence – you are light, shadow, matter, and consciousness, and you are a miracle. Why, then, do you keep your true nature hidden away from the world? There is no way to fully understand your full potential until you are open and honest with your own heart…without judgement. To expand and evolve requires this colossal forgiveness of the self. Forgive your beautiful soul. Accept your beautiful heart. As you do, you consciously answer the call of your Highest Self, and the vastness of your horizon will make itself available to you.”

The Light Seer’s Tarot Guidebook

I’ve been on a lot of journeys lately; mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. I’ll talk a lot about all of them in these pages. One of my sisters has found comfort in tarot recently, which is something I have always written off as a lot of made up malarkey. But in seeing my sister’s posts, and how it has seemed to bring something to her life, I thought I might find out if it could bring something to mine. And as she is a spectacular little sister, she bought me my first tarot deck for Christmas. And she chose well. The Light Seer’s Tarot deck is a great one for beginners like me. The artwork is gorgeous and the guidebook helps you see the meanings in the cards in plain terms. This is the card I pulled today and, as has been happening an eerily large percentage of the time, it is exactly the card I needed today.

Am I a full-on practitioner of tarot? No. I use it as five minutes at the start of my day, before I even get out of bed, to focus on myself and what my intentions are for the day ahead. I highly recommend giving it a go if you are so inclined.

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